We apologise to our TalkTalk customers who have suffered a brief outage to their service at approximately 13:10 today. Kev has been carrying out maintenance on one of our switches (periguin) in Maidenhead which should not have affected services, however it unexpectedly caused the switch to reboot.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Posted by Yolanda Zyczynska


Update 13:50: All services have been restored as of 11:30am, if there are any customers still experiencing problems please contact Support. We will publish a report on todays outage soon.

Update 11:00: We have identified a faulty switch in Pulsant 2 as the likely cause for this mornings problems. Most services are back up and running, any outstanding connections we anticipate will be working within the hour (12:00).

We will be posting a post mortem on todays outage as soon a possible.

We apologise to customers who are unable to connect to the internet this morning. There is an issue at our Maidenhead data centre which is being currently being investigated.

A status update will be posted once we are able to determine the cause of the outage.

Posted by Yolanda Zyczynska

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