Private Cloud Pricing

Private clouds can have lot’s of variables, so please contact us to discuss your cloud requirements. 020 7517 4900

Virtual Machine Pricing

Designed, built, owned and maintained by Watchfront. Machines are handed over typically with CentOS (alternatives are possible to suit customer requirements) and a user Controllable FireBrick firewall port.

  • We can provide virtual machines of varying resources.
  • Our minimum cost for a VM is £30.

Please check the resources required with the composite part prices list below.

ItemMonthly Costs
Base Cost£10.00
CPU core (unpinned)£5.00
1GB RAM£10.00
1GB Mechanical Storage£0.05
1GB SSD Storage£0.25

Below are some examples of virtual machine builds:

CoresRAMMechanical StorageSSD StorageMonthly Cost


  • All prices exclude VAT
  • Monthly costs are charged in advance, and payable by direct debit, BACS or credit card
  • The minimum contract term is one month
  • Service is supplied subject to our standard terms & conditions and guaranteed in accordance with our colocation service level agreement
  • Customers must agree to and are bound by our acceptable use policy for all internet service provision
  • To purchase a product or service, please contact us