About Watchfront

Watchfront is a specialist provider of internet connectivity and co-location services to small and medium sized business.

Watchfront was formed in 1989 as an electronic hardware and software design company. The way the company operated necessitated the need to move data between offices using direct modem links over dial up connections.

As need for better quicker links were required the company began experimenting with DSL links; at the time it was not thought that we were in the market to sell these services to other companies.

It soon became apparent that there was a need to provide good quality connections with excellent support ethic to other business users, this was the beginning of Watchfront Internet. In addition Watchfront decided to offer colocation services as part of the ISP services being offered.

So from point to point dialup, Watchfront has progressed and developed a highly resilient network providing Co-Location space across 3 data centres in two countries. DSL services have expanded to include multiple line bonding with 3G failover as well as offering diverse connectivity through 2 wholesale providers.

The Watchfront strategy of paying attention to detail and quality has served us and our customers well for many years. We intend to continue doing the same for many more.


Kevin Hones

Founder – Director

Phil McGillivray

Founder – CFO

Yolanda Zyczynska

Provisioning Manager


Lead Firebrick Engineer