Leased Lines

Mission Critical Internet Speed & Reliability!

If having a fast & reliable internet connection isn’t a luxury, but essential, you need a dedicated leased line that’s yours & yours alone.

Superior Security – 1 to 1 Contention Ratio. No sharing the line means superior security & consistent speeds.
No Hidden Pricing
Fast – Speeds Available From 30Mbps – 1Gbps
No Sales Staff – Talk Directly To The Tech guys with the Knowledge
No Traffic Restriction or Usage Limits

FREE Technical Advice

Call on our technical expertise! You may know what you want to achieve, but not exactly how to, or even if it is possible.
We’re here to help. We have designed our products and services to be as adaptable as possible, as a result we can tailor services to hopefully match your requirements. All you have to do is have an idea of what you want to achieve. Call us, or request a call back now. It’s free!” – Kevin Hones, Director

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    Satisfied Clients

    “Watchfront are a fine bunch of chaps. They provide a sterling service dealing with wholesalers which gives us less headaches and do so in a timely manner. We recently had to provision a custom wide are network for 20 sites across Hampshire. The Watchfront solution was chosen due to their ability to provide an aggregated DSL solution that actually works. This solution was able to give a Layer-2 solution directly to our cloud platform which resides in a Maidenhead datacentre. Watchfront provided a cost-effective solution in a punctual manner which we are very happy about…” Read more
    Roger ShepherdItQED

    Symmetrical and Uncontented Internet Connection

    A Symmetrical Internet connection provides equal upload and download speeds. With a symmetrical connection, you can upload and download large amounts of data at the same time without ANY loss of bandwidth, which is ideal for users of Hosted Telephony solutions and Organisations that transfer large amounts of data, such as media files.

    An Uncontented Internet connection provides a fixed connection speed that cannot be affected by peak times, when more people are using the Internet.

    “Let’s talk about your requirements.
    We’re easy to talk to, and are here to help.
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      A Dedicated Unlimited Circuit That Is Exclusive to Your Business
      24/7/365 line Monitoring
      UK Based Support
      Reduced Latency and Low Packet Loss
      Unlimited Data Usage