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No Obligation 30 Day Trial

Watchfront are confident that the Firebrick is capable of meeting your requirements like it does for our many happy Firebrick clients, but If you’re still unsure if it will, then please test drive it for 30 days, and simply return it, if it doesn’t. We’re confident that you won’t!
Start by using the form below and we will call you to arrange your trial. Or call us if you have any questions t:020 7517 4900
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To initiate your trial, we will call you to take some details and answer any questions. To start your trial immediately, please fill in the “Free Trial Signup” form.

    Free Trial Signup
    If you’d like to give us your details now, then fill in the form below and we can get your trial started quicker.

      Trial Terms

      • The firebrick is offered as a 30 day trial from date of delivery.
      • This equipment remains the property of Watchfront Limited until it is paid for in full.
      • Acceptance of the trial terms means you will either return the equipment in good condition after the 30 days or pay for the equipment.
      • You agree to inform Watchfront of your intentions to return the equipment two working days before the trial ends.
      • If there is a problem with the equipment upon delivery please return immediately.
      • Full warranty only applies if purchasing the equipment.
      • If the equipment is damaged or malfunctions due to improper use or negligence then you are liable for the full purchase price.
      • This is subject to Watchfront terms and conditions

      “It’s capable of doing many different things & I don’t think there’s
      anything else quite like it on the market.”

      Paul Ockenden – PC Pro Magazine (Feb 2020).

      Our new Firebrick is just incredible – fully supports our VOIP configuration (so our phones work seamlessly now), does the head end for the DSL saving us from having another pointless router.
      Rich Cooper, Director –

      “Throughout most of our history we have used Firebrick routers of three successive generations. They have always proved utterly reliable.”
      Bill Pechey – Countryside Broadband