Monitoring Service

Stay ahead of infrastructure issues. We’ll monitor your network infrastructure for you.

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Network monitoring is crucial for any business. Today, networks are not just internal but can include cloud services, virtual machines, remote servers, Internet phone systems to remote workers using VPN’s etc. These technologies are doing their part to make your network infrastructure better, but often more difficult to monitor! That’s where we come in. With Watchfront’s network infrastructure and consulting expertise, we are uniquely equipped to monitor your network infrastructure performance, thereby reducing the risk of downtime to your business’s critical systems.

24/7 Monitoring

Dedicated monitoring service that is available all of the time.

You Choose

You choose what you wish to monitor:
Hardware, Networks, Applications, Services and databases


Be notified of issues via email or SMS.


Suit your alerting needs by choosing what threshold you wish for alerting out that there is an issue.


Create a custom Dashboard to give you the most relevant information at a first glance.


Get historical stats on any monitoring item quickly and easily.

Additional Services Pricing

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