Video Conferencing Solution For Your Business

An easy, secure, fully featured, and reliable video conference solution for virtual meetings with your clients or other important guests. Fully hosted & customised to your business needs by Watchfront!

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Desktop & Phone

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS

Share Your Desktop or Specific Application

Let others see what you are working on and discuss.

Invite Users Via a Simple, Custom URL

You create the URL relevant to your meeting.

Keeps Conversations Private

Password protect your meeting to avoid unwanted intruders.

Encrypted Connection

Your video feed is encrypted giving you assurance that your connection is private.

Text Chats

If you do not wish to use a microphone you are able to communicate with the text messaging service.

Simple Muting Capabilities

Simpler controls, so a moderator can mute every participant, or all participants except one:

Security & Privacy

Strong Encryption. Audio and video traffic is encrypted on the network using DTLS-SRTP as standard. Further encryption can be applied end-to-end.

All Meeting Rooms are Ephemeral. Rooms only exist while the meeting is actually taking place. They get created when the first participant joins and they are destroyed when the last one leaves, leaving no trace.

Additional Services Pricing

Other Additional Services

Data Backups

A comprehensive and secure backup & recovery solution to cover the needs of your IT environment.

Monitoring Service

Stay ahead of infrastructure issues. We’ll monitor your network infrastructure for you.

VPN Solutions

Home working & secure access made easy to all your internal and cloud-based resources.