Get Support

If you are experiencing technical problems, please first check the Status page.

If you have problems with your broadband service please initially refer to our Diagnosing a fault article on diagnosing a broadband fault.

If you are still having difficulties, please contact us by:-

Phone: +44 20 7517 4999
Calls may be recorded

If there is no answer to the above number, please leave a voicemail and a member of our support staff will respond ASAP.

Please don’t be discouraged by lack of an answer, particularly outside business hours. If you leave a message someone will typically call back within minutes, but if no message is left they won’t.

If you are unable to reach us on the number above, which may be the case if there is an unusually severe Major Service Outage, then please try the following numbers – they should be unaffected by such an outage :

Major service outage only phone:
+44 7976 634111
+44 7973 292575

Please note: these numbers are not guaranteed to be answered out of hours, and should only be used in the event that calls to the main support number are unsuccessful.

Calls to these numbers are directed to individual members of staff – in all other circumstances please use the main support number, as calls to it ring multiple extensions and are therefore far more likely to be answered in a timely manner.
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