Additional Services

We offer various Additional Services that help tailor a solution to customer’s requirements.

From backing up your data to providing a secure video conferencing service, Watchfront are always striving to give the absolute best to our customers.


Data Backups

Backup your data over to us via an encrypted connection from anywhere.


Monitor you servers or networks with us so you can be alerted when there is a problem.

Video Conferencing

Secure video conferencing with password protected rooms where you can share screens and much more.

Virtual Private Network

Use a VPN to securely access you hosted equipment or to protect your in non secure networks.

Price Plans

Watchfront offer the below pricing for Additional Services:

Plan 1

1 of the listed Additional Services

Plan 2

2 of the listed Additional Services

Plan 3

3 of the listed Additional Services

Other services such as email are available on request. Please get in touch to discuss

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