VoIP Calls as Part of Watchfront’s Business Network Solutions

Calls from as little as 1.25p /min

Choose any UK area code telephone number including 03, 05 and 0800 phone numbers and don’t be tied to fixed lines anymore. Start making and receiving calls from any location with an internet connection today.

VoIP Pricing

Watchfront’s Voice-over-IP, service offers both ‘SIP trunk’ functionality and centrex functionality all in one product. We have a wide range of UK telephone numbers available, including local numbers in every area code and special numbers (e.g. free phone, or local rate), UK wide (03 & 055) numbers, and mobile numbers.

VoIP Standard

Calls From 1.25p /min

Buy From 1 to Many UK Numbers
All UK Area Codes Available
03, 05 and 0800 Numbers Available
Number Setup Cost From Just 12p
Number Monthly Rental From £1.20
Calls Charged By the Second
Voicemail – Emailed to You
Call Forwarding
Call Recordings
Port Existing Number or Choose a New One

For more info and detailed VoIP pricing, please contact us.


Nationwide Numbering

Telephone numbers for all UK area codes are available, as well as 03, 05 and 0800 numbers.

Standard Features

SIP trunks, call recording, hunt groups and other features come as standard.

No Minimum Contract

We only use rolling monthly contracts for VoIP calls.

Cost effective call rates

Calls cost from 1.25p/min.
Contact Us for detailed call costs.

Keep Your Old Numbers

Port your existing telephone number(s) held with another company to Watchfront.


We will help you set up and configure your equipment.

VoIP Handsets and Deskphones

Pre-Configured when buying the number and phone from Watchfront!

SIP Phones

A SIP phone will use your internet connection to make and receive calls. We can provide you with a compatible phone, configured for your number, or you may use your own phone or SIP software on your mobile/computer.

Work From Anywhere

Our VoIP services and equipment are suitable for both home or office working enabling you to have any amount of telephone numbers which can be used in multiple places at the same time. This is ideal for hybrid working and is just another great addition of Watchfront’s Business Network Solutions.

A Word From The Boss

“Call on our technical expertise! You may know what you want to achieve, but not exactly how to, or even if it is possible. We’re here to help. We have designed our products and services to be as adaptable as possible, as a result we can tailor services to hopefully match your requirements. All you have to do is have an idea of what you want to achieve. Contact us now for a chat. t:020 7517 4900

Kevin Hones, Director Watchfront Limited