Our Infrastructure

Data Centres

We have data centres located at Pulsant facilities in Maidenhead and Telecity facilities in Amsterdam. Each provides a fully air-conditioned, dust-free, fire protected environment, with un-interruptable power supplies, and technical staff on hand at all times to deal with the few problems we cannot solve remotely. Running our equipment in this environment ensures optimum reliability of our services.


We pride ourselves in the resilience offered by our network connectivity. Internet transit is taken from independent high-quality providers in the UK and Europe.  Our private gigabit interconnected links between Amsterdam and Maidenhead have been designed to offer maximum resilience and we run a fully meshed BGP network virtually eliminating the chances data loss or non-connectivity to your services.  We offer ADSL, VDSL and Leased Line interconnections.

Our internal and upstream connections are dimensioned with at least 100% overhead, to avoid network congestion even during peak loading.


Being co-developers of FireBrick firewalls, we understand network security and take it very seriously. Physical security (someone accessing our equipment locally rather than remotely) is provided by the data centre operators.

And, of course, our servers are all protected by FireBrick firewalls.


Authoritative DNS is provided by two servers, ns0.watchfront.net.uk (situated in Maidenhead), and ns1.watchfront.net.uk (situated in Amsterdam).


We have web and mail servers distributed over several machines located in our various data centres.