Firebrick FB2900 | The Complete Internet Gateway System

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The FB2900 is the latest in the FireBrick series of network appliances designed & manufactured in the UK to provide a complete Internet connection/gateway for small to medium offices. It provides interfaces to Internet access in various ways including fallback and bonding, Legacy IPv4 & IPv6 firewalling, port mapping, and traffic shaping. It provides a variety of VPN solutions including IPsec with IKEv2. It even operates as a VoIP phone system gateway providing a range of features for a small/medium office.

“It’s capable of doing many different things & I don’t think there’s
anything else quite like it on the market.”

Paul Ockenden – PC Pro Magazine (Feb 2020).

5 Year Warranty – Zero Downtime
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In the unlikely event that your FB2900 does develop a fault, we will advance ship you a like-for-like replacement to eliminate downtime. Inc config transfer!
Free Delivery & No Vendor Lock-in
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No extra costs! Delivered to your door free of charge and absolutely no vendor lock-in
Free Lifetime Support, Worldwide
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Fully supported by the same people who designed & manufacture the FireBrick here in the UK. We’ll even help you with your config, to get you up and running!
FREE 30 Day Trial
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Unsure if the FB2900 meets your requirements? Test drive the FireBrick for 30 days, and simply return it, if it doesn’t
FREE Lifetime Software Updates
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Automatic free software updates for the life of your FireBrick, and a sub second reboot time
Manufactured In The UK
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If you’re concerned about China at the moment, then the FB2900’s hardware, software, and security code such as IPsec are created in the UK
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Why Buy From Watchfront?

We are the hardware designers and manufactures for the Firebricks, so we have a more intimate knowledge of it’s capabilities and functions than most. If you have any questions about how Firebricks could help you, then please feel free to give us a call.
t:020 7517 4900

Admin Demo

Test drive the admin with a real Firebrick. You’re welcome to log in and make any changes you wish. The demo user is restricted to only doing a ‘TEST’ save of the config – this means the config will revert back to our default after 5 minutes.
Admin demo   Username: demo   Password: demo

FB2900 Versions

The hardware platform is identical between the two variants of the product. This means it is possible to upgrade remotely from Base to Fully Loaded.

Power Supply Options:

The FB2900 has a standard IEC C7 (Figure 8) power connector for mains power, but also available are two DC versions:
  • Automotive, 12V-24V DC (Model: FB2900A)
  • Telco 48V DC (Model FB2900T)

Both of the DC versions use an “Anderson Powerpole” connector and come complete with the corresponding plug and 5m length of wire.

“The Firebrick hardware has proved utterly reliable and the technical support from Watchfront has been outstanding. We now have a system that saves us several thousand pounds a year and provides more capacity than we had before”
Bill Pechey – Countryside Broadband

Use Cases:

FireBricks really are versatile and it is often not until you read about how other people are using them that you realise just quite how flexible and in how wide-a-range of different situations they can be used.
  • Office leased line Router
  • Bonding DSL/FTTC
  • Ping monitoring remote devices
  • Management of a 5G network using L2TP
  • Office PABX
  • Mini BRAS for terminating DSL
  • Traffic shaping tenants in shared office
  • Multiple WAN in Retail Environment
  • VPN Endpoint for remote users or sites
  • Ethernet tunnelling between sites
  • Monitoring remote datacentres
  • SIP switching for a Service Provider

Network Features:

  • Four copper 10/100/1000Mb/s Ethernet ports with Gb/s switching and routing up to 750Mb/s
  • One SFP gigabit Ethernet port, allowing a range of SFP modules for additional copper port, fibre, etc.
  • Current internet protocols (IPv6) built in to the design from the start, not an afterthought.
  • Full ICMP and ICMPv6 aware stateful session tracking
  • Interface packet dump compatible with tcpdump and wireshark
  • Comprehensive firewalling rules using interfaces, protocols, and ports, source and target
  • Support for controlled access and mapping in NAT environments using NAT-PMP and PCP
  • Port and IP mapping including basic NAT, and mapping between IPv4 and IPv6 with ICMP and ICMPv6 handling
  • Multiple VLAN operation allowing DMZ and segregated networks
  • Powerful DHCP server as well as IPv6 route announcement for simple control of an office network
  • Syslog logging (windows servers are available) and SNMP monitoring
  • Optional Industry standard Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) allowing multiple device fallback
  • Optional routing features for multi-homed installations using BGP (Partial Table)
  • Multiple independent routing tables
  • Local DNS caching relay with configurable DNS overrides
  • Real time graphs of usage/shapers and ping graphs
  • Simple web interface (http or https) and command line interfaces, including XML based config and web based config editor
  • Config test and roll-back features
  • Time profile and ping monitoring to control aspects of operation automatically
  • Multi-colour configurable information LED to aid remote diagnostics and report status visually
  • Automatic free software updates, and sub second reboot time
  • 9k MTU switching, and 2k MTU routing allowing baby jumbo needed for PPPoE and
    un-fragmented L2TP to carry full frame packets
Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 13.5 × 3.5 cm
Advanced Features

ACME, BGP, IPsec VPN (IKEv2), L2TP client/server support, OSPF, SFLOW, VoIP PABX



Connectivity Features

PPPoE client, Fallback, bonding & fail-over logic, 3G / 4G dongle support, Traffic shaping



Manufacturing Country



Free software updates for life


5 Years RTB

Ethernet Ports

4 Copper 10/100/1000Mb/s

SFP Ports

One SFP gigabit only

USB Port

Yes (for 3G/4G dongle)

2 reviews for Firebrick FB2900 | The Complete Internet Gateway System

  1. Rich Cooper

    Our new Firebrick is just incredible – fully supports our VOIP configuration (so our phones work seamlessly now), does the head end for the DSL saving us from having another pointless router – and even offers internet access via 3G if the connection ever drops out via a USB dongle. The brick is amazing when it comes to filtering nasty stuff on the internet and does so much more.

  2. Bill Pechey – Countryside Broadband

    The Firebrick hardware has proved utterly reliable and the technical support from Watchfront has been outstanding. We now have a system that saves us several thousand pounds a year and provides more capacity than we had before.

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