Firebrick FB2900 – Versatile Router/Firewall

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The versatile FB2900 is the latest in the FireBrick series of network appliances designed & manufactured in the U.K to provide a complete Internet connection / gateway for small to medium offices. It provides interfaces to Internet access in various ways including fallback and bonding; Legacy IPv4 & IPv6 firewalling; port mapping; and traffic shaping. It provides a variety of VPN solutions including IPsec with IKEv2. It even operates as a VoIP phone system gateway providing a range of features for a small / medium office.
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Why Buy From Watchfront?
We are the hardware designers and manufactures for the Firebricks, so we have a more intimate knowledge of it’s capabilities and functions than most. If you have any questions about how Firebricks could help you, then please feel free to give us a call. 020 7517 4900

The hardware platform is identical between the two variants of the product. This means it is possible to upgrade remotely from Base to Fully Loaded.

Base Features

  • Firewall
  • Router
  • VLAN
  • VRRP
  • PPPoE
  • DHCP Server/Client/Relay
  • IPv6

Fully Loaded Features + Base

  • Bonding/Load Sharing
  • Tunnels: FB105, IPSec, L2TP
  • BGP (Full table)
  • L2TP Server
  • PPPoE Server

Use Cases:
FireBricks really are versatile and it is often not until you read about how other people are using them that you realise just quite how flexible and in how wide-a-range of different situations they can be used.

  • Office leased line Router
  • Bonding DSL/fttc
  • Ping monitoring remote devices
  • Management of a 5G network using L2TP
  • Office PABX
  • Mini BRAS for terminating DSL
  • Traffic shaping tenants in shared office
  • Multiple WAN in Retail Environment
  • VPN Endpoint for remote users or sites
  • Ethernet tunnelling between sites
  • Monitoring remote datacentres
  • SIP switching for a Service Provider
Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 13.5 × 3.5 cm
Advanced Features

ACME, BGP, IPsec VPN (IKEv2), L2TP client/server support, OSPF, SFLOW, VoIP PABX



Connectivity Features

PPPoE client, Fallback, bonding & fail-over logic, 3G / 4G dongle support, Traffic shaping



Manufacturing Country



Free software updates for life


5 Years RTB

1 review for Firebrick FB2900 – Versatile Router/Firewall

  1. Rich Cooper

    Our new Firebrick is just incredible – fully supports our VOIP configuration (so our phones work seamlessly now), does the head end for the DSL saving us from having another pointless router – and even offers internet access via 3G if the connection ever drops out via a USB dongle. The brick is amazing when it comes to filtering nasty stuff on the internet and does so much more.

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