Planned Maintenance


Update 19:00 10/02/16 – this maintenance has been completed successfully.

On Wednesday 10/02/16 commencing 18:00 we will be upgrading the firmware on each of our LNS routers ‘sooty’ and ‘sweep’.

This will cause all DSL connections using the TalkTalk system to drop briefly, but all lines should automatically reconnect.

The maintenance window is 1 hour, but actual outages should be much shorter.

Posted by Kevin Hones

Update 13:35 07/02/16 – this maintenance has been completed successfully.

Emergency maintenance scheduled for 1pm on 07/02/2016.

In order to assist with diagnosing some connectivity issues we will pro-actively be replacing 1 unit of switch cluster Beatrix in Maidenhead.

We will expect less than a 15 minute outage for some services during this period.

Posted by Paul Malkowski