MoneyMaximiser Ltd is the company behind the brands of MoneyMaxim, Clarify Car Hire and the CarHireX group.

They have developed services such as:

• The UK’s first Car Hire Excess Insurance comparison service
• Learner Drivers Car Insurance
• Clarify Car Hire

MoneyMaximiser were running their two main websites on Virtual Machines (VM) with two different providers. These providers were not reliable and there were outages to their websites on several occasions. Furthermore, there were issues with updates and data was lost when they had to revert their machines to backups which were not as up to date as they were meant to be.

They approached Watchfront to see whether we could provide one VM to begin with which would host one of their websites and also be their company email server. With an additional support contract for system administration of the server in place this was provided quickly and on time.

After a bedding in time of around two to three months MoneyMaximiser found our service to be of a high standard as there were no outages and their email server had been configured exactly to their needs.

This then led to MoneyMaximiser expanding the number of VMs with us to three where they have two servers running on SSDs for increased performance. Watchfront also refreshed some of their hardware which in turn gave another performance gain at no extra cost.

With MoneyMaximiser having seasonal services, which are busier around summer time, they have need to increase or reduce resources as and when needed. Watchfront are very flexible and are very willing to change these for MoneyMaximiser when required. This is something that MoneyMaxismier find very useful as it helps them to reduce costs when they are not busy.

Watchfront’s mantra of helping small companies grow and in turn growing with them had been fulfilled and we have always been on hand to help with anything that they need. Watchfront have proven vastly more reliable and supportive than MoneyMaximiser’s previous suppliers as well as being value for money.