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Finerva is an independent finance and accounting advisory firm who are on a mission to see the UK as home to the fastest growing companies in the world. Their purpose is to give clients the best possible advice in the form of simple, clear and actionable recommendations.

Finerva had a need to host a colocated server that their workers could use a VPN service to securely connect into. Specifically configured DNS servers were also a requirement. The service had to be available from anywhere with an Internet connection, and from different types of device; laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones, without having to install custom software.

Watchfront were able to provide a cost effective server that had ample resources and host this within their colocation facility at the Maidenhead data centre.

With the power of FireBrick routers, Watchfront were able to provide an industry standard IKEv2 VPN to all of Finerva staff and associates that fully met their requirements and at a low cost.

This is another example of Watchfront working with a small company to help them move forward with a tailored and effective solution which is also cost effective.