Cromwell Business Systems

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Cromwell Business Systems (CBS) are a specialist retail software and IT services business.
For more than 20 years, CBS have developed a deep understanding of the business challenges facing consumer electronics retailers. In response to their customer’s needs, Cromwell Business Systems have developed robust, reliable, scalable solutions for both large and small retailers.

CBS requires several suppliers of business network connectivity for different uses. Examples of this are specific customer connectivity needs, leased lines and colocation servers. More recently they have started down the path of providing home worker connectivity as well.

Watchfront were able to provide solutions for all of the above such as low bandwidth lines, routers which provide redundancy of multiple lines, fibre leased lines to their offices and rack space in the data centre for their servers.

With the power of FireBrick routers, supplied by Watchfront, CBS are able to utilise layer 2 tunneling protocol for connections into their servers from remote sites for customers services enabling them to provide vital systems.

All of this was done with Watchfront’s great service and attention to detail when proposing solutions, proving that Watchfront are a fantastic one stop shop for Business Network Solutions.