Bonded Broadband is achieved by combining more than one broadband service together to allow all traffic to and from your premises to be shared between the available connections.

We can provide bonding for any of the broadband services we offer, indeed many customers use a mix of services to give higher resilience.

Using our FB2900 as the tail end equipment (in your premises) speeds of up to 200Mb downlink, 50Mb uplink by using 3 FTTC connections.

We recommend that no more than 4 lines are bonded together using the FireBrick, any more and the benefits start to diminish.  If a line fails, the FireBrick automatically routes traffic over the remaining lines.

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Package Includes
Broadband provision (installation and rental)Yes
Broadband routersYes
FireBrick FB2700 or FB2500 bonding equipmentYes
Configuration of supplied equipmentYes
Head-end bonding termination at our datacentresYes
Static public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as requiredYes
Connections via both Maidenhead and Amsterdam datacentresCosted option
FireBrick software updatesYes

Why use it?

You should consider Bonded broadband if:-

  • A single connection is not sufficiently fast or reliable
  • You want leased line performance at lower cost
  • You need resilience – automatic failover if a line fails
  • You require more uplink bandwidth
  • You are too far from the exchange for acceptable speeds
  • You are using VoIP, so need more uplink bandwidth and resilience
  • You are running web, mail or file servers for remote access