Festive Opening Hours

The head office will be closed for the holidays between 1200 hours on Friday 23rd December, 2016 until 0900 hours on Tuesday 3rd January, 2017.

If support is needed during this time, please call on 020 7517 4999 and leave a message or email support@watchfront.co.uk and we will endeavour to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.


Change Freeze

We would like to inform you of an infrastructure change freeze from the 10/12/2016 until 09/01/2017. During this period, there will be no changes done to infrastructure.


New Interconnects

Watchfront’s aim to have a robust network beyond our current needs has come to fruition with new and diverse cross connects between Amsterdam, London and Maidenhead.

This brings extra resilience to our network from versatile suppliers whilst also doubling capacity.

We are constantly striving to bring the best possible solutions for our customers through intuitive and astute development of our services.


Bonded Internet

With the power of Firebrick we are able to provide Bonded Broadband with two or more lines to give a greater throughput and resilience.

This can be achieved with Bonded ADSL or Bonded FTTC or even Leased Lines.

This can be particularly useful if you are in area where your suffer from poor internet connections.

Check out the options we provide here.


IPv6 Connectivity

Our new website is IPv6 enabled.

We can provide routed IPv6 connectivity to all customers on all services including our Bonded Broadband solutions.


New Support Feature

With the launch of our new website last week we want to inform you off our new support feature. Following on with our RSS feeds we now have a mailing list which customers can sign up for to receive the latest updates on our service status and planned maintenance straight to your inbox.

The sign up feature “SUPPORT SIGNUP” can be found at the top of each page.

We are working towards making your everyday experience with us more satisfying.


Our New Website

It is our pleasure to release our pristine new website. After months of arduous work and dedicated team effort, we are excited to introduce you to www.watchfront.co.uk

The refurbished site comes with changed navigation, giving our visitors an effortless way to go through our services and solutions, based on their need and choice. This website will give you direct access to our products and how we can help.

Our aim will be to update the content on regular basis through news updates, company announcements and sharing various testimonials written by our existing clients.

We are sure that you will find the changes made impressive and will improve your experience.

We sincerely hope that you will find our changed website fresh and convenient to use, as our team has worked hard, giving priority to your needs and making sure that it contains valuable information.


Work at home staff need to connect securely when taking advantage of flexible working rights

To mark the extension of flexible working rights for all, Watchfront have introduced a new service to help businesses cope with increased demand for working at home in a secure and well connected manner.

Introducing SecureHomeWorker (SHW) from Watchfront.

What is it?

  • Premium business grade, priority weighted, annex M enabled high speed broadband connection
  • Unlimited data usage (location dependent)
  • Fixed IP addresses
  • FireBrick FB2700 for Firewalling, tunnelling (VPN), high speed routing, shaping, profiling and monitoring
  • Business grade support from UK based technical support team
  • Free 30 minute consultation on the technical considerations for home workers (if required)

All this for just £97 per month (plus set up fee) on a 12 month agreement.

Plus, for the whole of July we are offering a 10% mid summer discount, so get in touch now to discuss your requirements in more detail.

For more information please e-mailsales@watchfront.co.uk


Please note: 

This service is ONLY available to businesses. Terms & Conditions apply



Watchfront reaches a major milestone – 25 Today!

On the 1st May 1989 Watchfront Electronics was incorporated with the mantra: “Do it right, do it once, do it well”

Over the years Watchfront Electronics became Watchfront Internet, and now today “Watchfront”, a specialist provider of cloud and connectivity solutions.

25 years

In the early 90’s the focus was on electronic designs. Control and access systems featured quite heavily, and the chances are, if you were using some of the first hotel room “access” cards, it was probably a Watchfront electronic design. As time went by and the business looked for smarter ways to communicate and transfer data between remote offices, it became evident that the way we were doing things was working rather well…. and then other businesses wanted the same connectivity experience… and so Watchfront Internet was born.

As DSL started to gain traction and speeds of connectivity started creep up, Watchfront started offering colocation and data centre services. Also, with the design and manufacture of the FireBrick network appliance the potential to provide a robust and reliable bonded ADSL broadband service was realised too. This is the “Watchfront” that most of our customers know today.

As we move towards the summer of 2014, Watchfront are seeing significant growth in the areas of leased line fibre connectivity and bonded broadband, whilst continuing to expand the colocation business. As mentioned in a previous post, there are exciting times ahead. In line with customer demand we are going to be introducing a cloud based telephony and unified communications service soon, as well as a range of additional support and maintenance plans across the open source landscape.

As was the mantra 25 years ago, we will continue to “do it right, do it once, do it well”

Happy Birthday to Watchfront and thank you to all our customers for their support…. Some of which have been with us since 1989


What is www.boris.org.uk?

What were Watchfront engineers up to in 1998?

Well, the simple answer seems to be working at Watchfront, and having fun with Borisware Utilities 🙂

So what are Borisware utilities? … it certainly isn’t related to high speed broadband, FTTC, or colocation….

……so follow the link to www.boris.org.uk and find out! This was back in 1998, and it hasn’t been touched in a VERY long time… a little piece of history perhaps?

The admin team at Watchfront have been auditing all the domains owned by Watchfront, and it is amazing what we have found!!

Oh and note the old logo from over 15 years ago! Watchfront will be 25 years old next month, look out for special offers, a new logo, and more on the history of Watchfront to mark this major milestone!


website redesign @ Watchfront

Visitors to watchfront.co.uk will start to see some changes over the coming months….

The changes have already started with the introduction of some new pricing models/products that give the same level of choice, but with greater simplicity in the offerings. This will be followed by some subtle redesign (prize to whoever notices the first subtle change when it comes), and will ultimatly result in a brand new website in time for early summer!

We hope all our existing customers will appreciate the same “no-nonsense” approach to technology and that new visitors, and existing customers alike, will appreciate the new product and service offerings that will be available over the coming months.

There is an exciting future ahead at Watchfront, and while we will continue to deliver best in class bonded broadband and co-location services, we will also be announcing some strategic partnerships. This is to ensure our customers can meet more of their technology needs through their trusted partner, Watchfront.

For more information please contact a member of the team on 020 7517 4900



Lack of fast broadband in Central London


I know, it seems strange, but this is a reality Watchfront are seeing on a daily basis. More and more customers are approaching Watchfront, frustrated that FTTC is still not available in their location and leased lines are out of budget, and asking us what their options are.

The simple answer: Bonded ADSL/Bonded Broadband.

Watchfront have built an enviable track recording of supplying reliable and fast bonded solutions, and are now seeing those go into small and medium businesses in central London locations such as Covent Garden, Knightsbridge, and many more with increasing frequency.

What is bonded broadband?

Well put simply it enables customers to have multiple ADSL services, and then using Watchfront developed technology in the Firebrick FB2700, we bond these lines together to provide a speed that is a multiple of the individual line speeds.

For the customer there is a simple monthly cost that includes a fully managed FB2700, the ADSL service(s), and a managed ADSL modem. All items are shipped to the customer pre configured to just plug in and start working.

As with all Watchfront products and services this is backed up by local direct support from qualified engineers, and the peace of mind in know that Watchfront only use premium grade and priority weighted services, thus giving high speed and low contention internet connectivity to businesses that rely on it like a 4th utility.

For more information on Bonded Broadband or any other Watchfront solution, please contact sales@watchfront.co.uk or 020 7517 4900