Mellanox Original Transceiver MMA2P00-AS-SP (25GbE, SFP28, LC-LC, 850nm, SR, up to 100m, single package)

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MMA2P00-AS is a pluggable SFP28 optical transceiver designed for use in 25GbE Ethernet. It incorporates Mellanox integrated circuit technology in order to provide high performance at low power. The transceiver operates over a pair of Multi-Mode Fibers (MMF) using a nominal wavelength of 850nm and is SFF-8402 compliant.

  1. Original Mellanox part
  2. Hot pluggable
  3. Selectable retiming for both Tx and Rx
  4. Programmable Rx output emphasis
  5. SFF-8402 compliant SFP28
  6. SFP28 power level 1 (3.3V power supply)
  7. Up to 100m on OM4 and 70m on OM3 MMF at 25Gb/s
  8. Up to 100m on OM3 at 10Gb/s


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MMA2P00-AS has a standard SFP28 connector on the electrical side towards the host system supporting IEEE 802.3bm. The optical interface is composed of two optical channels/fibers, one in each direction, intended for a multi-mode optical cable connected via standard LC connectors. Each channel/fiber operates at signaling rates up to 25.78125GBd. The transceiver offers selectable retiming for both its optical transmitter and receiver for the 25Gb/s rate and it also supports lower bit rates without. The transmitter has programmable input equalizers and input squelch function, while the receiver has programmable output amplitude and pre-emphasis. Rigorous production testing ensures the best out-of-the-box installation experience, performance and durability.



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