Gigaset R700H PRO – DECT VoIP Handset (water-repellent and dust-proof)

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This powerful business phone is ready for any challenge

This cordless phone can of course also be used in the office: It is comfortable in the hand and its excellent sound quality is a standout feature. The appealing design with non-slip surface, the large colour display and the excellent battery are also plus points for this device.

But the Gigaset R700H PRO unfurls its entire potential in the day-to-day work environment: The phone is water-repellent and dust-proof. Impacts and scratches stand little chance. In conjunction with a Gigaset Multicell system, it provides flexibility and full mobility freedom over the entire company premises.

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The Hard Way

For all those looking for a phone that is ready for use any time: The Gigaset R700H PRO delivers good services – also in workshops, factories and on construction sites. It is sturdy and certified to protection class IP65. Impacts, dust and jets of water stand just as low a chance on the hard surface as scratches and disinfectants: This simplifies cleaning – viruses and bacteria do not have a prayer.

Off to work

The sign of a good phone is its user-friendliness. The Gigaset R700H PRO adapts perfectly to your daily work environment. Regardless of where you use it – in the rain, in damp conditions or in dusty production facilities: You can rely on this professional device. Its rubberised surface lends it a good non-slip feel in your hand. Even wearing work gloves to use it is not a problem. And it has an alarm button for your safety.

Alarm level: loud

And if noise levels increase, this DECT phone shows what it can do: Thanks to the vibration alarm and flashlight LED, it lends itself to areas with more intensive noise, production facilities, outdoor installations and logistics environments. The large colour display is impressive – even visual call indications are possible. And if it should get late: In the dark, this business phone can also be used as a torch.

Prick your ears

Listen, listen! This phone features impressive sound. The innovative HDSP™ technology from Gigaset stands for High Definition Sound Performance. This means hearing is possible no matter how it is used – as a handset, with a headset or as a handsfree phone. And if noise levels increase: The new automatic volume adjustment ensures you can hear in loud environments, and can be heard. Bluetooth 4.2 or a 3.5mm jack is required for headset usage.

Ready any time

Anyone with something to say should take their time. With this phone, there is no rush to attend to your business. Its excellent battery life is a standout feature. With up to 13 hours of talk time and up to 320 hours standby, it is virtually ready any time. Convenient charging is possible from the micro-USB port. The integrated belt clip enables you to always have it with you. A rotatable clip is available as an accessory.

Contactable outside as well

Flexible thanks to Multicell: With the Gigaset R700H PRO, you can be contacted anywhere on the company site, inside or outdoors, in the workshop or in the office. With a Gigaset Multicell system, the transfer of calls is smooth, and even seamless handover & roaming are guaranteed. It can be used on CAT-iq & GAP-compatible base stations from third party vendors, in single and multi-cell environments.




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