Allied Telesis XS900MX Series – 10G Stackable L3 Lite Managed Switches

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The CentreCOM XS900MX Series Layer 3 switches enable a highly flexible and reliable network, which can easily scale to meet increasing traffic demands.

Key Features

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet over copper and fiber
  • Choose from 12-copper and 4-fiber, or 12-fiber and 4-copper, 10 Gigabit ports
  • Supports 100/1000 connections for existing networks
  • Use VCStack™ to stack two units and create a single 32-port virtual switch
  • Static and dynamic routing for Layer 3 environments
  • Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) supports auto-backup, auto-recovery and zero-touch configuration
  • Compact size: units can be mounted side by side on optional rackmount bracket
  • Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing™)
  • Routing capability (ECMP, OSPF, RIP, Static and BGP)
  • IPv6 features
  • IEEE 802.1x/MAC/Web authentication support
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The XS900MX Series are the ideal 10G access switches for enterprise networks or anywhere a relay switch with 10G uplink is required. The switches also make the ideal core or aggregation switch, to connect servers and storage in a small network.
The XS916MXT features 12 x 100/1000/10GBASE-T and 4 x SFP+ slots. The AT-XS916MXS features 4 x 100/1000/10GBASE-T and 12 x SFP+ slots.

Easy management

The XS900MX Series switches feature Allied Telesis Autonomous Management FrameworkTM (AMF), a sophisticated suite of management tools that provides a simplified approach to network management.
Common tasks are automated or made so simple that the everyday running of a network can be achieved without the need for highly trained, and expensive, network engineers. Powerful features like centralized management, auto-backup, auto-upgrade, auto-provisioning and auto-recovery enable plug-and-play networking and zero-touch management.


Ethernet Protection Switching Ring (EPSRingTM) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet allow several XS900MX Series switches to form a protected ring capable of recovery within as little as 50ms. This feature is perfect for high performance and high availability in enterprise networks.


Flexi-stacking allows a user to stack two XS900MX Series switches, with the choice of using 10G SFP+ direct attach cables, or RJ45 copper connectivity. VCStackTM provides a highly available system where network resources are spread out across stacked units, reducing the impact if one of the units fails. With VCStack and the XS900MX Series, up to 28 x 10G ports can be provisioned as a single virtual switch in one rack unit.

Enhanced security

A secure network environment is guaranteed, with powerful control over network traffic types, secure management options, and other multi-layered security features built right into the XS900MX Series switches:

  • Tri-Authentication
  • Multiple Dynamic VLAN
  • Enhanced Guest VLAN
  • Auth-fail VLAN
  • Promiscuous/intercept web authentication
  • Two-step web authentication

Advanced security features include:

  • Port security
  • SSH to secure remote access environment
  • DHCP snooping
  • RADIUS/TACACS – User authentication database
  • Encryption and authentication of SNMPv3

Model Comparison

XS916MXT 12 4 320Gbps 238Mpps
XS916MXS 4 12 320Gbps 238Mpps



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