Why use Watchfront?

We have been in business for over 20 years; we know what we are doing.


  • From pre-sales through to installation and maintenance, we deal with each order personally, tailoring products and services to meet your exact needs wherever possible
  • In all aspects of our services and products, quality takes precedence over cost – we don’t cut corners
  • Our internal and upstream connections are dimensioned with plenty of overhead, to avoid network congestion even during peak loading
  • We provide as many public static IP addresses as you require, so you don’t have to mess about with NAT and port forwarding


  • Our core network of routers and servers are housed in a specialist data centres, in a secure, air-conditioned, dust-free, fire protected environment, with un-interruptable power supplies, and data centre staff on hand at all times to deal with any problems
  • We run proactive monitoring of all connections, allowing us to spot any problems quickly, often before the customer has noticed
  • We run multiple redundant core routers and servers, and multiple transit feeds, for optimum availability
  • For added resilience we can offer bonded broadband packages that provide failover if a connection fails


  • Although we are not the cheapest ISP around, we are acutely aware of the overall cost of ownership, and aim to minimise the time you have to spend installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting a line. With low-cost ISPs, the cost of your wasted time can easily outweigh any savings you make
  • High availability, or up-time, is our number one priority – we are well aware of how much money a company can lose if their internet connection is down
  • If there is a problem with your service, you will not have to spend ages on the phone queuing to talk to a droid in a call centre. You can talk directly to one of our engineers, who will resolve your problems in the shortest time possible
  • If there is a problem with hardware, we will normally ship a replacement immediately and ask questions later
  • Through our proactive monitoring systems we may well spot a problem before you do
  • We provide a one-stop-shop, and can add future services, such as bonded broadband and server colocation, efficiently and economically as customer requirements grow