Watchfront reaches a major milestone – 25 Today!

On the 1st May 1989 Watchfront Electronics was incorporated with the mantra: “Do it right, do it once, do it well”

Over the years Watchfront Electronics became Watchfront Internet, and now today “Watchfront”, a specialist provider of cloud and connectivity solutions.

25 years

In the early 90’s the focus was on electronic designs. Control and access systems featured quite heavily, and the chances are, if you were using some of the first hotel room “access” cards, it was probably a Watchfront electronic design. As time went by and the business looked for smarter ways to communicate and transfer data between remote offices, it became evident that the way we were doing things was working rather well…. and then other businesses wanted the same connectivity experience… and so Watchfront Internet was born.

As DSL started to gain traction and speeds of connectivity started creep up, Watchfront started offering colocation and data centre services. Also, with the design and manufacture of the FireBrick network appliance the potential to provide a robust and reliable bonded ADSL broadband service was realised too. This is the “Watchfront” that most of our customers know today.

As we move towards the summer of 2014, Watchfront are seeing significant growth in the areas of leased line fibre connectivity and bonded broadband, whilst continuing to expand the colocation business. As mentioned in a previous post, there are exciting times ahead. In line with customer demand we are going to be introducing a cloud based telephony and unified communications service soon, as well as a range of additional support and maintenance plans across the open source landscape.

As was the mantra 25 years ago, we will continue to “do it right, do it once, do it well”

Happy Birthday to Watchfront and thank you to all our customers for their support…. Some of which have been with us since 1989