New FireBrick FB2700

Early Adopter Programe

Early adopter would normally be supplied hardware that is complete in all but cosmetic aspects, and fully expected to work. We have complete final CE marked hardware that we are only selling to early adopters until the software is finalised.

In any case, we will explaining the status of the hardware and software when accepting you on to the programme.


We do guarantee the hardware even for an early adopter – if it breaks we’ll fix it or replace it.


The software may not be final and may not have all of the features you need. The features it has may not work correctly. It even is possible the software may have features enabled which the particular product variant should not have, and they may be removed at a later stage.

We provide regular updates to the software with additional features and bug fixes, free of charge.

The final launched software will be available to beta testers and early adopters so that they have complete product software when launched.


Please contact sales@watchfront.co.uk for details.


An overview of the new product can be found at http://www.firebrick.co.uk/products_2700.php